Mass Tort attorney advertising and lawyer Internet marketing for a specific mass tort has steadily increased in recent years. All you have to do is turn on a TV and within a few minutes you’re hit with a Mesothelioma commercial, a DePuy Hip ad or Mirena IUD commercial informing you of the potential health risks, side effects and dangers of taking a certain drug or using a certain product. If your potential clients have been victims of malpractice or defective drugs, injured by medical devices, toxic substances or another mass tort, how does your law firm ensure its message is heard among the onslaught of your competition? Simple: stand out with an easy to remember and easy to dial legal vanity number.

We offer law firm marketing solutions for any mass tort your law firm is looking to generate cases for. Our mass tort solutions allow lawyers to quickly get their message on air, which is incredibly important when it comes to mass tort marketing. Lawcompany is able to produce both 15-second and 30-second commercials quickly, while our media planners make certain your mass tort campaign receives prime placement at the best rates possible. Not only do our mass tort solutions include TV commercials, but most importantly, the cost of your media buy and law firm vanity number are also a part of your mass tort package.

Remember not too long ago, I asked how one lawyer’s mass tort commercials could stand out among the competition? Well, in case you missed it, here’s the answer again: stand out with a great legal vanity number that no other firm has. We are the only law firm marketing company offering exclusive use of high quality legal vanity numbers for every lawyer’s mass tort advertising campaign. Law firms who advertise with a vanity number such as 1-800-LAW-3000 or 877-VICTIMS for their mass tort campaigns undoubtedly receive more calls and more cases than those lawyers who advertise with a regular numeric phone number. If you were the victim and the potential client, wouldn’t you call the number you could easily remember?

Mass tort cases can be extremely lucrative for attorneys who advertise. Our media buyers and media planners make certain your mass tort campaign is in place quickly, while our creative team produces your TV commercial ensuring your vanity number is easily visible and readily available for potential clients to remember and dial. Don’t forget, whether your mass tort campaign is for Mirena, GranuFlo, or Transvaginal Mesh, it requires both a fast response from your marketing company and an effective ad. With Lawcompany behind the wheel, the budget for your mass tort advertising campaign remains untouched and what your law firm gets in return is a media plan, a media buy, a HD TV commercial and exclusive use of a market-tested legal vanity number. Don’t miss out on potential cases simply because clients can’t remember how to contact you.

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