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Our exclusive vanity numbers have a proven history of generating more calls and more cases than regular phone numbers.

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Legal Vanity Numbers

Any attorney who advertises understands that a great legal vanity number is a necessity if their law firm is hoping to be competitive in today’s increasingly crowded media landscape. By placing an emphasis on your law firm’s vanity number, your television commercials and outdoor advertisements will have an impact on prospective clients quickly, making it easy for them to remember and then dial your law office.

Lawcompany is the only lawyer marketing company that offers memorable vanity numbers to clients.

A critical element to the success of any lawyer marketing campaign is memorability. For decades, law firms have achieved this through the use of high quality vanity numbers. However, as you likely know by now all of the good phone numbers for law firms were either taken years ago or remain unavailable to this day. Our key mission is to change all of that and for the first time provide lawyers around the country with access to exclusive, high value legal vanity numbers that have a proven track record of generating leads. Lawcompany’s vanity numbers work because they are easy to remember, easy to dial, and help your law firm build its brand.

Benefits Of Vanity Numbers

  • Easy to remember and easy to dial
  • Increase advertising ROI
  • Provide immediate credibility & brand recognition
  • Market dominance by standing out among your competition
  • Generate more calls and more cases

Consumer Recall Of Vanity Numbers

Overall Greater Recall Rate of 800 Vanity Numbers 75.4%
Greater Recall Rate in Print Media 78%
Vanity Number in Broadcast Media 64%
Vanity Number in Display Ad 70%

We are the only company that encourages its clients to brand their law firms and generate more calls and cases. Unfortunately, because we are the only company with access to our exclusive list of vanity numbers, other lawyer marketing companies selfishly advise clients not to advertise with vanity numbers while fully understanding their long term benefits. But of course they would advise against using vanity numbers; it’s a proven marketing tool they can’t provide. The reason legal vanity numbers are so highly sought after is because branding your law firm with a memorable phone number provides long term results and a competitive edge that’s unattainable any other way.

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