As Internet marketing for lawyers goes, there are generally too many words and too few exploitations of multimedia. These days, people are less and less likely to read the full text of a website when there are more interesting forms of communicating elsewhere. With this in mind, law firms must take advantage of video in order to promote themselves. Below are just a few reasons that an investment of time and money in a professional video or two is well worth the expense and inclusion into any Internet marketing for lawyers.

1. Video places your website on a shorter search engine list than any other medium.

Search engines, the gatekeepers of visibility on the Internet, are your ticket to increased web traffic and the frame of reference for any comprehensive Internet marketing for lawyers. Video can now be indexed by search engines as easily as text. Because there is much less video on the Internet than text, having a video automatically gives a law firm a greater chance of being seen by search engine users. However, law firms should make sure that the metadata of their video is relevant and localized in order to maximize the exposure that it can receive.

2. Video is the most accessible of all media to the average person.

Exposure and web traffic is nothing when it comes to Internet marketing for lawyers if you cannot hold the attention of your audience. Video is much more likely to engage a potential client than any other type of promotional material. Studies from numerous universities including Harvard have concluded that the secret to holding the attention of an individual is to engage as many senses as possible. Video allows the engagement of at least two senses, visual and aural, while other forms of media are much less effective and simply do not engage well enough.

3.  Video allows a law firm to communicate more information in a shorter period of time.

In today’s landscape of instant information, potential clients want to know exactly what a law firm is about and they want to know it very quickly. Video is the easiest way to provide a compact explanation of the specializations of a firm without overwhelming the viewer with esoteric language. Video also allows for live testimonials from past clients, which is one of the most effective ways to communicate your firm’s successes.

4. Video can be more easily spread around the Internet.

People are much more likely to share a video than any other kind of media. Valuable Internet marketing for lawyers allows law firms to attract traffic through a video that went viral. Video can also be placed or embedded on relevant websites for additional exposure.