What is Internet marketing for lawyers really all about? If everyone is doing SEO you may be asking, how is my law firm SEO any different?

The truth is, great Internet marketing for lawyers is all-encompassing and law firm SEO is just a small but very important part of it. The Internet is here to stay and a majority of consumers now find their lawyers, like they do everything else, by visiting their websites. If you run your own law firm you must realize how important internet marketing for lawyers is and how crucial having a professional website for your law firm can be. However, having a website is not the only factor you must consider. You also need to make sure that prospective clients can find your site, and this is where law firm SEO or search engine optimization comes into play. If you do not know where to put your focus when it comes to law firm SEO, read on for valuable law firm SEO tips that will help guide you.

  • Use the Right Keywords and Drive the Right Traffic: Law firm SEO is all about driving organic traffic. This is accomplished by optimizing your website both on-page with your content and off-page with links. When you have an optimized website, your website will then come up at the top of the first page of search engine results when people search for specific keywords. One of the key factors any internet marketing plan for lawyers needs to consider is keywords. It is not typical for a prospective client to search for the name of your law firm unless they already plan on doing business with you. Rather than just using your name as the basis for your law firm SEO, you need to use other frequently searched keywords that are relevant and common. For example, you should begin by optimizing your location and the type of practice you are running. If you specialize in a specific type of law like personal injury or criminal defense, be sure to optimize words that relate to these types of cases. You will be amazed at how much you can improve your rankings by simply focusing on the right keywords that people are actively searching for. Internet marketing for lawyers doesn’t have to be overly complex. Begin with the right keywords and start driving relevant traffic to your website.
  • All Lawyers Should Be Experts and All Experts Need Blogs: Blogging has changed the way that people do business, including lawyers. Now, one way attorneys can show that they are experts is through regular and relevant blog posts. Individuals who hire a lawyer to represent them want to know that the lawyer they hire is an expert in a particular field. When your law firm writes a blog post and links your blog to your website, you can generate traffic and build your reputation with your audience as an expert. Internet marketing for lawyers is not always about a making a sales pitch or a pushing a marketing message. In today’s world, consumers want to know what type of value they are getting before they hire you and blogging is a great way to show value. Internet marketing for lawyers is no different from other professional industries; evoke confidence by showing your legal acumen with blogs and it will directly translate into qualified leads and thus cases.

If you are ready to take your law firm to the next level, start focusing on law firm SEO. All Internet marketing for lawyers starts with optimizing your website, so you can increase your online visibility and generate more leads while still keeping your marketing budget low. Manage your law firm SEO daily and keep it relevant by writing fresh content, using the right keywords, directing traffic to your site from blogs, and building your reputation and book-of-business. With the right focus, you will not only be able to compete against all of the law firms that have already built an optimized website, but you will dominate your marketplace and see a great ROI.