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Your law firm’s marketing message is the most important element to the success of your law firm outside of your ability to practice law. Whether we like it or not, a potential client’s perception of our ability to help them is affected more than ever by what they see on the Internet, what they search on Google and what they watch on TV. To stand out among your competitors, your law firm’s website must be visually unique and informative, contain personal touches such as explanatory videos and you must be found on the 1st page of search results when a client types in keywords that are relevant to what they’re looking for. Most importantly, your law firm needs to be memorable and easily accessible. If a prospective client can’t remember your phone number and how to contact you, then all of your marketing efforts will have been for nothing.

Lawcompany knows what works for busy lawyers and attorneys. Founded by lawyers and creative media professionals, we understand your law firm’s needs and how to achieve results. The strategic combination of dynamic website design, high quality video production and TV commercials, effective attorney SEO and Internet marketing, and exclusive vanity numbers ensures your law firm will maximize its ROI and generate quality leads consistently. Our lawyer marketing specialists help get you the cases, so you can concentrate on winning them.

According to a recent study, lawyers spend an estimated $52.6 million dollars a year on keyword advertising alone. The study also shows that lawyers are fully embracing the world of social media like Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube to help build their brands, increase the reach of their own web content and find new clients.
The challenge law firms face is figuring out how to stand out from the crowd in a professional manner while effectively communicating a unique marketing message. How can your law firm make an impact and enjoy the Internet marketing and Television success that you work so hard for?
Lawcompany knows what works for lawyers and we have developed market-tested strategies that achieve real results. Our lawyer marketing solutions combine the best attorney SEO, website design and video production with exclusive legal vanity numbers that are only available through us. Memorable vanity numbers combined with integrated marketing solutions create effective advertisements that place your law firm ahead of the competition.

Vanity Numbers

Easy to remember and easy to dial law firm vanity numbers are available exclusively from Lawcompany.

Search Engine Optimization

Acquiring new clients and new cases through attorney SEO is critical to the online success of your law firm.

Lawyer Website Design

We help lawyers gain a competitive edge through effective, visually stunning attorney website design.

Pay Per Click Management

Pay Per Click advertising like Google Adwords is a great way to generate leads and drive qualified traffic to your law firm website.

Lawyer Commercials

Television advertising that highlights your exclusive vanity number and legal acumen is a proven method for generating new cases.

Mass Tort Advertising

Mass tort campaigns combining Television, Internet marketing and vanity numbers produce more quality cases, quickly.

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Complete Lawyer Marketing Solutions For All Practice Areas

Lawcompany's exclusive vanity numbers help your law firm achieve top results through personalized law firm marketing strategies.

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