Pay Per Click Advertising, whether English or Spanish, can be a great compliment to your attorney SEO strategy and overall law firm marketing plan. We speak with attorneys at all budget levels who want to know whether pay per click is right for their current law firm marketing strategy. All firms are different, so we’ll examine each strategy in its entirety to help determine whether pay per click will be an effective route for them to take. When performed correctly, pay per click advertising can be a powerful law firm marketing vehicle for driving new business and generating leads (i.e. new cases). It’s one of the few lawyer marketing tools that allow us (the marketer) to measure, calculate and quantify the results from your plan’s inception, all the way through to the day we pull the last ad. When a pay per click campaign is executed well, it will immediately boost your law firm’s search engine visibility, deliver targeted leads to your website, calls to your office and will yield a high return on your investment.

According to a recent Pew Internet survey, 91% of online adults use search engines to find information on the web. Additionally, the survey found that Google is far and away the search engine users reported using most often. Specifically, 83% of searchers use Google more often than any other search engine. Even more interesting is that roughly two-thirds of searchers (66%) say search engines are a fair and unbiased source of information. Moreover, the study also found that half of adult search users (52%) say search results have gotten more relevant and useful over time, while a majority – nearly 60% – say they have noticed targeted advertising online. What this information does is bolster what we already knew; more and more people are using search engines every day, specifically Google, to find out information that is relevant to them at a particular moment. And people trust the search results with increasing regularity. By incorporating pay per click into your legal marketing plan, you are further refining your pool of potential clients by displaying precisely the result they’re searching for and you’re doing it at the top of the first page of the search results.

Before your law firm begins a pay per click campaign ask yourself the following:

  • What are my law firm’s expectations?
  • How many new clients do I want each month?
  • How much can I pay for a new client?
  • What’s my monthly budget?

At Lawcompany, our team of pay per click specialists work with you to identify and understand your clients’ needs so your pay per click ads accurately target the right audience and effectively generate your law firm’s desired results. One of the benefits of working with a qualified legal marketer is the ability to ensure potential clients not only search, find and click your ads, but also know how to call your law firm and schedule an appointment.

Call or Contact us to speak with an English or Spanish PPC specialist and restart your law firm marketing plan today.