Your Law Firm SEO needs quality content now more than ever. Most lawyers act independently. Because of that, they must operate their website and market their own business. So unless they live in a small town, it is likely they will have a lot of competition. That is why law firm SEO is very important. Here is a brief overview of SEO and why content is fast becoming King.

  1. It is the selling point of your company. This is especially true for law firms. When people visit your site, they are going to rely on what you put in the content to convince them to contact you. Remember, there are many other lawyers who are competing against you. You need to explain in detail to your visitors why you are the best choice. Therefore, your content should reflect your legal acumen, your specialties, your accomplishments, your credentials, your past successful cases and more. It is also a good idea to include video testimonials from your past clients on why they chose your service and how satisfied they were with that service.
  2. Content gets ranked by Google. Google sends spiders to crawl your content and rate it based on various SEO scores. If your site scores high enough, it will be placed in the top pages of Google search for your keywords. For example, “motorcycle accident law firm.” Google pulls the keywords from your content to make sure it indexes your site relevantly. While we’re on the topic of Google, don’t forget to register your site with Google Local and Google+ Local pages. Doing this will help your local law firm SEO, which is also very important.
  3. Your service will be judged by your content. Unlike selling your service through your content, many of your visitors will predetermine how well they think your service will be by the content you publish on your site. If their initial impression isn’t 100 percent good, then there is a high chance that they will continue their search for a law firm. It may help you to do some A/B split testing on your content. This way, you can track the performance of different content through your analytics campaign. Doing split testing will help you determine which content page performs the best and what changes you may be able to make to increase your conversion rates.
  4. Blog. Occasionally, your visitors will want to read your blog for additional information. This is your chance to give a second impression, which can help your visitors to trust what you have to offer them. Your blog should include your daily accomplishments, rather than your overall accomplishments. If your visitors see that you achieve your goals and are successfully daily, they will trust you with their needs.

Remember, never stop working on your site’s content. Law firm SEO is different than eCommerce SEO; you need to treat it that way. Learn what works for your site and your brand. It never hurts to ask for feedback from your trusted clients.