Quality Law Firm SEO is the secret sauce to your law firm website and the reason prospective clients can find you. There are many things that can cause a law firm website to lose ranking. Sometimes, these things are done simply out of unfamiliarity with the rules. However, other times rules are purposely broken in an attempt to outsmart Google. Failure to properly understand the quality guidelines of Google can cause a legal website to lose traffic and therefore rankings, thus rendering your law firm SEO useless. Google changes the guidelines frequently over time, so a website owner must ensure their marketing company is staying on top of the changes to avoid losing ranking.

Here are some things that can cause your law firm website to lose its ranking. First, if the link structure of the website has recently changed, then the website’s ranking can be negatively affected. Second, if you are going to change the design of your legal website, make sure the company managing your law firm SEO updates all of the backlinks. Failure to take the necessary steps and time to do this can cause your law firm website to lose ranking and traffic.

Here is where good law firm SEO specialists can help. Fact: Backlinks can boost rankings to your website. Yet on the other hand, bad backlinks can cause your ranking to drop. For example, having backlinks from sites that are low quality can cause your legal website to lose ranking. Recently, Google changed its algorithm to weed out the useless and spam filled content that comes up in searches. If your law firm SEO company is not keeping up to date with the latest changes, your website will suffer and may become banned from searches if Google determines your website is attached to spam content. One way to prevent this from happening is by avoiding link exchanges that are not relevant to your legal website. Fact: Keywords are very important to driving traffic to your website. But, the keywords used throughout your legal website should be researched before the content is posted and should also be relevant to the content that is posted. And don’t forget, the keywords should also be used sparingly throughout the content. Keyword stuffing is a major problem with web content and something that should be avoided. Many times, website owners and lazy marketing companies will post content on their sites that have been stuffed with keywords. This technique may have passed muster before Google changed its algorithm as an effective way to draw traffic to their sites, however, keyword stuffing is now penalized and should be avoided.

Content is king. And these days, the content of your legal website is the reason your web traffic will increase. Often, new website owners will try to save money by purchasing content of low quality, but not only is this a poor business decision, it will also result in wasted money and ineffective law firm SEO. Content rules and if the content is not of good quality, your traffic and overall rankings will suffer.

Law firm SEO is referred to as “organic” because the search results are natural; they will always fluctuate. Therefore, it is unavoidable for a website to be unaffected by changes in ranking. But, if the content of your legal website is of good quality, a slight change in rankings is nothing to worry about.