Internet marketing for lawyers can seem overwhelming because of the competition and the standards to which the legal profession is held. Keeping the following 7 tips in mind will help to direct your efforts for the best outcome.

1. Localize

Although the Internet gives everyone the power to reach out around the globe, the core of your new business most likely will still come from your local area. Use your Internet marketing for lawyers strategy to solidify your law firm brand locally by optimizing keywords with local tags and modifiers and building links with local government agencies.

2. Specialize

Any good Internet marketing for lawyers strategy will include long tail keywords. As an example, “motorcycle accident attorney in West Palm Beach” will drive much more directed traffic your way than optimizing for “accident attorney,” even though the shorter keyword might get your website more hits.

3. Differentiate

There are bound to be lawyers that specialize in your practice area that are also in your local market. When you bring potential clients to your law firm’s website, you must immediately engage them both emotionally and professionally. Explanatory and promo videos are an excellent way to do this. Now that search engines such as Google can index these videos, an Internet marketing for lawyers strategy that optimizes your video content correctly with descriptive tags allows potential clients to gain another pathway into your website.

4. Be selective in your online associations

No matter what email client you use and how profusely they claim to block spam, you are likely to get many spam offers from questionable sources asking to trade links and market your website. Be warned that associations with bad sites makes your law firm website look bad to the major search engines and as a result, your search ranking will be penalized for it. Internet marketing for lawyers is not a quick fix that can be found through questionable sources. Like the practice of law itself, a good Internet marketing for lawyers program needs to be executed with thought and ethical behavior.

5. Simplify

Lawyers are expected to be precise and concise. As such, your law firm’s website should be streamlined and professional. Don’t be afraid to use white space – it makes your content look more important.

6. Personify

This may sound contrary to everything we’ve been saying, but Internet marketing for lawyers is not all about pleasing the search engines. Make sure that your site content includes details about your personal experiences so that your potential clients can connect with you as someone who understands their problems and not merely as a nameless faceless company.

7. Internet marketing for lawyers is only the first step

The Internet is not a cure all for a lack of business; it is a first step. People use the Internet to find new businesses; however, it is up to your personal rapport with potential clients to convert these potentials into actual clients. When done properly, Internet marketing for lawyers will bring qualified visitors to your website, but it’s up to you to provide quality services so clients will refer your law firm and also come back should they need a lawyer again.