Using easy to remember and dial legal vanity numbers will set your law firm marketing apart from the thousands of competitors all vying for your potential clients’ attention on a daily basis. Making memorable vanity numbers such as 1-800-LAW-9999 or 1-800-LAW-OFFICE an integral component of your law firm marketing plan will not only provide you with credibility, but also instant brand recognition. Whether we like to admit it or not, clients remember vanity numbers more than they do the ad itself…just ask any lawyer who is currently advertising with one.

Here’s the reality. Your prospective clients are often distraught and not entirely themselves when seeking an attorney’s services. For instance, they may be the victim of a serious injury, going through a difficult divorce or even filing for bankruptcy. Lawyers understand that clients not only seek legal advice from their attorneys, but comfort as well. It’s one of those things that simply comes with the job description. What’s more, a client’s emotional and sometimes even physical state does not provide lawyers with a lot of time to get their marketing message across. As such, you often have only 15-30 seconds to ensure a client views and ultimately remembers how to contact you. And the proven method for accomplishing this objective is through market-tested legal vanity numbers like 866-LAW-CALL and 866-LAW-GROUP. Easy to remember and dial vanity numbers make it easy for clients to remember and dial your law firm. This is the point where many of you may be smacking yourselves in the head and mumbling the word “duh,” but there are lawyers who still don’t utilize vanity numbers for reasons that we still can’t understand. Using vanity numbers in your marketing does not make your advertisements “cheesy;” bad lawyer advertisements do. Effectively incorporating vanity numbers into your law firm marketing plan enhances your marketing message and ensures you will get the lead. It’s that simple.

Lawyers who brand their law firm with vanity numbers do more than simply customize their advertising. They clearly communicate a message. For example, a law firm that’s hoping to reach potential clients by asking whether they’ve been the victim of an accident and then reinforces their marketing message with “call 877-VICTIMS today!” will invariably see a greater number of calls from clients who have been victims of accidents. It’s marketing 101.  Communicate with potential clients by effectively distinguishing yourself from the competition, while also simultaneously establishing your reputation and making it easy for people to call you. A powerful message + a simple method for contacting you (vanity numbers) = more quality leads with greater frequency.

Find out which vanity numbers are available in your area today and learn more about how legal vanity numbers can help brand your law firm.