Legal vanity numbers are important to any lawyer advertising campaign. In today’s ultra-competitive legal environment, client acquisition is a major challenge. There are a surplus of law firms in each market and they are all competing to acquire a finite number of quality cases. Having a strong lawyer advertising campaign has become an increasing priority for law firms, and they are all looking for the most effective way to stand out.

One proven method for increasing brand awareness, and get more cases than your competition, is to use legal vanity numbers. Utilizing legal vanity numbers such as 1-800-LAW-OFFICE or 1-800-LAW-9999 can bring a multitude of benefits to your law firm. First of all, legal vanity numbers are easy to use and more importantly are easy to remember. The easier it is for a person to contact a law firm, the more cases that law firm will receive; it’s basic math. Even if potential clients remember a lawyer’s name they often forget the phone number. The typical result: the potential client becomes diverted to another lawyer’s office while searching for the originally intended attorney or they simply call the lawyer whose legal vanity numbers they remember.

As your law firm acquires clients, having memorable legal vanity numbers becomes exponentially beneficial because you are making it easier for existing clients to recommend your firm to people they know. This type of word of mouth advertising is extremely valuable because it is free. Additionally, legal vanity numbers will bolster the status and reputation of a law firm’s brand within their respective marketplace. Law firms that use great legal vanity numbers are often considered reputable in the local community as well as having a strong dedication to helping clients. Sounds silly doesn’t it? Well, the data suggests that over time, people associate a firm with its legal vanity number, so it becomes a key component to marketing your brand.

Money spent on lawyer advertising, particularly when those ad dollars are spent on television, radio and billboards, is an investment. Legal vanity numbers are a great way to maximize your advertising dollars and increase the return on that investment. A firm’s lawyer advertising campaign is ineffectual if potential clients can’t recall how to contact it. Moreover, legal vanity numbers are a market-tested method for acquiring significantly more calls from potential clients as opposed to using simple local numeric phone numbers. At the end of the day, any law firm spending money on lawyer advertising campaigns understands the cold hard facts that their legal practice is self sufficient; it’s a business that must generate revenue in order to survive and help clients. Unfortunately, it won’t matter whether you’re the best lawyer in your field if you can’t attract new business on a regular basis. This is not to say your lawyer advertising must be cheesy or exploitative; in fact quite the opposite. Using easy to remember and dial legal vanity numbers provide attorneys with the opportunity to keep their lawyer advertising simple and ultimately flex their legal muscles because they will remain in business long enough to do so. By focusing your lawyer advertising campaigns on legal vanity numbers, it gives you the freedom to concentrate on what matters most; helping clients.