Every lawyer understands how vanity 800 numbers help law firms gain new clients. Without a steady influx of new business, a law firm simply cannot survive. The competition has become too great. There was a time when your practice could continue to grow based solely on referrals and word of mouth. However, as more and more attorneys have taken to the airwaves via Television and Radio, the battle for your client’s attention has become increasingly difficult. Not to mention those lawyers who have embraced the next step in client interaction; Google Adwords and social media. How do you set yourself apart from the thousands of other law firms in your market? It’s simple: brand your law firm around vanity 800 numbers and watch your call volume increase.

#1: Law firms that brand with Vanity 800 Numbers generate more leads.

  • Studies have shown that clients have a significantly higher recall rate of vanity 800 numbers over numeric toll-free numbers when they are featured in advertising campaigns, including both display and broadcast media formats such as outdoor billboards and television commercials.
  • Studies further demonstrate that clients have approximately 75% greater recall rate for vanity 800 numbers over regular numeric phone numbers.
  • When law firms use easy to remember vanity 800 numbers in their advertising, whether on an outdoor advertisement, television commercial or pay per click campaign, it provides clients with a very simple means to contact their firm, thus optimizing your lead generation.

#2: Display your Vanity 800 Number prominently in every campaign.

If a client has to choose between two ads, yours and the competition, they will inevitably contact the attorney whose phone number they can remember. It’s that simple. When lawyers provide clients with memorable vanity 800 numbers, they’re simultaneously establishing credibility and increasing their caseload. You want your marketing to accurately represent your legal acumen and commitment to your clients. But lawyer marketing must also make an impression on clients. This leads to the last tip.

#3: Make an impression. Make an impression. Make an impression.

If your law firm marketing does not make an impression on the client, then all of your efforts will have been for naught. Vanity 800 Numbers such as 1-800-LAW-9999 and 1-800-LAW-OFFICE provide just the type of impression your law firm hopes to make. It’s easy to remember, easy to dial and isn’t something that will turn a potential client off like 1-800-I’m-The-Best (this number is made up of course, but you get the idea). Make an impression, but make it the right way and make it effective.

These three tips aren’t the end-all-be-all of lawyer marketing, but they are a step in the right direction. The truth is, it’s hard to think of a good reason why your law firm shouldn’t have a vanity number or utilize vanity 800 numbers in its marketing program. Get credibility, build your reputation, build your brand and get more calls and more cases.

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