Because of the consistently transient nature of the business, pay per click campaigns are one of the most effective types of online marketing campaigns for the legal profession. However, PPC marketing for law firms can get quite expensive very quickly. How can a business continue to maximize the efficiency of a particular marketing structure to gain law firm leads while keeping costs down?

1. Plan ahead with proper keyword research.

In order to create the most effective PPC marketing for law firms, a prerequisite is to identify the correct keywords for the advertisements. This can be done with a relatively inexpensive test campaign also known as “multivariate testing.”

A multivariate testing campaign consists of monitoring small changes in advertisements to determine which changes create more effective marketing tools. Keyword research using the free tool provided by many major search engines can help to provide the meat of the advertisements.

2. Watch successful competition.

It is actually quite easy to monitor the campaigns of successful competitors within your industry. By doing so, you can find out the keywords that are working for them as well as the advertisements structure that is the most effective. Because every law firm is different, you will not be able to completely copy the advertising structure of a competitor; however, this is a great way to get new ideas.

3. Make sure to hire the right kind of help.

Hiring the right marketing company is essential to keeping costs low. When you choose the company that will help you with your PPC campaign, make sure that they have had experience within the legal industry. You can also check their previous clientele for performance on the major search engines as well.

4. Determine which law firm leads actually lead to conversions.

Although you may be able to easily create ads that will elicit more attention, it is quite another thing to create advertisements that lead to business. In all cases, make sure that you monitor the advertisements that lead to actual versions rather than just phone calls and website visits.

5. The secret to cost-effectiveness is minimizing the campaign.

Once you have determined which advertisements, keywords and placement is effective, immediately cut off all ineffective communication. This will drive your costs down almost immediately. Do not be swayed by temporary dips in visibility as long as your conversion rate stays relatively high.