Law firm SEO and Lawyer Internet Marketing is all about maintaining credibility and quality of content, while making sure that Google and your prospective clients are able to find as much relevant content about you as possible. Sounds a little bit daunting? It isn’t, you just need to get started.

  1. Establish a company blog. This will help your existing clients get a better feel for your expertise and establish a great avenue for you to highlight some of the interesting problems that you are tackling on a day to day basis. It will be great for potential customers to hear your voice and really get a foothold for your firm and what you are up to. Most importantly for Google, your blog should incorporate your firms name into the URL and main header of the page. Also make sure that each page has its own unique URL. This will be friendly for the search engines. If you are unsure of where to start, check out some of the popular templates on WordPress or Blogger for ideas.
  2. You need to start making profiles on various social media pages that you can control and get first page of results when someone googles your law firm. Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest can all help to express different aspects of your law firm in a variety of ways. Yes, the types of cases your law firm handles is very important, showcasing the attorneys who make it all happen is equally important. For example, if you participate in any charity events, local business gatherings, or even just sponsor the local softball team, this content should be highlighted and shared in a fun fashion. One of the great features about Pinterest in particular, is the ability to embed links along with the images. You can edit these links to make sure that anyone who comes across your law firm’s photos is making their way back to your website when they click on them.
  3. Wikipedia is an incredible source of objective information. If you feel that your law firm can contribute to legal cases and discussions in which you have knowledge, don’t hesitate to contribute and include your site as a reference link. If the content is valid, this will hold. Warning: spamming wikipedia for anything other than relevant content is looked down upon and can result in your posts. removal.
  4. Start engaging. This is a critical step in any lawyer internet marketing strategy and often missed by many law firm SEO newbies. Find similar firms or discussion groups and start commenting and asking questions. Sure, you’re bound to get some random traffic from your existing clients, but the best way to get new traffic and capitalize on your law firm SEO is to put your firm’s views out there to get the dialogue going. The time of day is important here, as you want to make sure that your comments are viewed for the maximum amount of time before getting pushed down the feed by newer content. Try and encourage employees to contribute early in the morning before the real work of the day picks up. This type of engagement can not only increase awareness bout your firm online, it can also help get employees excited and interested in what’s happening.
  5. Stay away from just creating bland content. With recent changes to Google’s search algorithm(affectionately named Panda), low quality content really won’t help with law firm SEO and lawyer internet marketing anyway. Join relevant networks of legal professionals, starting meeting people, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised to watch your network grow on and offline.