A great attorney Internet marketing solution is the key to 1st page search engine results. Attorneys provide a much needed service to the public. They are the go-to experts when legal counsel is needed regarding issues that can range from divorce to criminal defense. Gone are the days when potential clients will look in a phonebook to find a local attorney. Today, it’s all about searching the Internet for an attorney in their area. This means that law firms not only must have a powerful website of their own if it hopes to attract clients, but it also must market or optimize that website otherwise all of your efforts will have been for naught.

Having a website is one thing, but generating visitors is a whole other matter. While lawyers may be experts regarding law, they may be a fish out of water when it comes to creating a website and optimizing it for the search engines. Even the most tech savvy lawyers simply don’t have the time it takes to maintain a comprehensive internet marketing strategy. This is where an attorney Internet marketing agency comes in. They can get any law firm site indexed and ranked on the first page of search engines so that it is discovered by those who are in search of a lawyer.

Effective attorney SEO is the key to first page results. This means utilizing lucrative longtail keyword phrases. The key is to think about the keywords that potential clients will most likely enter into the search engine when looking for information about hiring a specific lawyer. Someone in New York who is searching for a divorce attorney for example, may use a keyword like “divorce lawyer in New York.” Once the best keywords are determined, they will be used as the anchor text for the hundreds of backlinks that will then need to be built organically. Lawyers are busy enough as it is; they do not have the time or the expertise to constantly monitor and perfect their attorney SEO. This is why it is best for a law firm to choose an attorney Internet marketing company who knows what they are doing and will dedicate the time necessary to propel the law firm to the top of the first page.

Aside from effective attorney SEO, most attorney Internet marketing agencies also offer website design services. A law firm website must be professional in appearance and presentation if it is going to get people to contact the firm. A good attorney Internet marketing company will create a landing page that is easy to navigate and also contains a strong call to action.

An lawyer’s job is to consult his client regarding legal issues. As such, they should not have to worry about doing keyword research and building back-links. Just as people should hire a lawyer for matters regarding the law, lawyers should hire attorney SEO experts for matters regarding attorney Internet marketing.